Balls are the basic toys that a Pou can play with when it's in the Game Room . Flinging it around the Game Room adds to Pou's happiness meter. Flinging the ball around the room makes Pou's eyes to follow it around the room. The ball fills up Pou's fun meter much slower than playing minigames, but it is useful when the player does not want to play minigames but still wants to fill the meter or when Pou is too tired to play minigames. The player starts with a basic white ping pong ball, the player can buy other balls via the shop. The rate the fun meter fills up is always the same, no matter the size or type of the ball. The ball is also used in several minigames.

Types of Balls

There are several categories of balls, stated in alphabetical order.

  1. Basketball
  2. Beach Balls
  3. Football
  4. Ping Pong
  5. Tennis
  6. Volleyball


  • When choosing the Soccer Ball, the player can choose a team or country, in addition to the usual colors.
    Pou balls

    The main categories for balls.