Beach Volley
14 - 1
Gameplay of Beach Volley
Timed? No
Description Use the arrows to move. Don't let the ball touch the ground on your side!

Beach Volley is a game in Pou.


Tapping the left and right arrow on the left half causes Pou to move, while the up arrow on the right half serves him to jump. Then, the pet catches the ball and a normal volleyball match can begin. When the ball falls to the left side, Pou's pet gets a score, but, when the ball falls to the right side, Pou gets a score, and gets 2 coins.


  • As you choose the easy difficulty, the game becomes difficult due to controls but is easy to start enough. The pet can obtain points very easily.
  • This is the third sport game in Pou. The first two were Goal and Hoops.
  • There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard.