Cloud Pass
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Gameplay of Cloud Pass
Timed? No
Description Touch the screen to lift Pou upwards! Don't hit any cloud!

Cloud Pass is one of the games to play in Pou.


The player will hold down on the screen to lift Pou upwards, but he cannot stay up for long, as he would hit a cloud. Releasing your finger from the screen will let Pou drop, but the player must put their finger back on the screen to prevent Pou from hitting the cloud on the bottom.


Achievement Description Reward (Coins)
Reach 100 meters in Cloud Pass 50
Reach 200 meters in Cloud Pass 100
Reach 300 meters in Cloud Pass 150
Reach 500 meters in Cloud Pass 200
Reach 1000 meters in Cloud Pass 250


  • In the game, one point is one meter. This is due to achievements' names, mentioning points as "meters".
  • A stopwatch can be collected by the player to slow clouds' movement speed. This changes the sky color to pink and returns to blue when clouds' speed return to normal.