Chat Rooms and Discussion

  • Be respectful of others, even if their views of things are different then yours.
  • Give other users chances to explain what they think. If they are being rude about it, contact a staff member.
  • If you are having an issue with another user, try to solve it ourself or contact a staff member.
  • Do not insult any of the other users.
  • Vulgar language is not permitted in the talk pages, and neither is racist comments, harsh slang words, or sexual comments.


  • Use proper English words.
  • Do not create pages that are useless to the wiki.
  • Add a photo to every page that needs one, but do not make double photos.
  • Do not enter your own opinion into pages that are not forum or blog posts.


When choosing your username, do NOT:

  • Make it out of just nembers
  • Have any harsh language in it.

You should choose a username that means something to you. Just follow the things not to do above and you'll be fine!

Changing Your Username

If you feel the need to change your username, you can, but only once. You will never have the option to change your username again, so be careful! A staff member may ask you to change your username if you have any of the things listed above in it.


Socking is when someone creates a different account and uses it to insult other users or behave inappropriately. If this happens, see below for the banning rules.


Harassment/Inappropriate Behavior

  • First Offense- One week
  • Second Offense- One month
  • Third Offense- Three months
  • Subsequent Offenses- Permanent Ban


  • First Offense- One week
  • Second Offense- One year
  • Subsequent Offenses- Permanent ban

Using a Fake Account

There will be a permanent ban for the fake account and the bans for the main account are shown below:

  • First Offense- One week
  • Second Offense- One month
  • Subsequent Offenses- Permanent ban

Using Another Account While Banned

  • First Offense- One additional week
  • Second Offense- Three months
  • Subsequent Offenses- One year