Color Tap
Timed? Yes
Description Tap on Pous until they are all the same color!

Color Tap is a game in Pou.


When you start, you'll see some different colored Pous. You have to make all of the Pous the same color by tapping on them. Don't forget; this game has timer! Every time you match all Pous, you will get one coin and some time for next round. This game is fast paced, be quick to match them all!


To make quick work on making Pous the same color, tap the less dominating colors if there are any (unless you came into rounds where there are equal number of different colored Pous).


Achievement Reward
Score 75 points in Color Tap 50 coins and the Green Mafia Hat
Score 150 points in Color Tap 100 coins and the Blue Mafia Hat
Score 250 points in Color Tap 150 coins and the Orange Mafia Hat
Score 350 points in Color Tap 200 coins and the Rose Mafia Hat
Score 450 points in Color Tap 250 coins and the Purple Mafia Hat