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Gameplay of Connect
Timed? Yes
Description Connect all the Pous! But don't leave empty spaces!

 Connect is a game in Pou. It spawned a sequel called Connect 2.


The goal is to connect two Pous of the same color by drawing pipes from one Pou to the other, until all Pous are connected and every space is filled. You can't leave a single space empty even if you've connected all Pous together.

There's a game timer, shown as a large green bar that slowly ticks away. Completing a round will add extra time to the timer.

The final score is the number of rounds completed when time runs out.


Achievement Reward
Win 20 rounds in Connect 50 coins
Win 40 rounds in Connect 100 coins
Win 60 rounds in Connect 150 coins
Win 80 rounds in Connect 200 coins
Win 100 rounds in Connect 250 coins


  • This game is based on another game called Flow Free.