Connect 2
Timed? Yes
Description Connect Pous of the same color together! Try to make closed loops!

Connect 2 is a game in Pou. It is a sequel to the first game Connect.


The player must use their finger to link together Pous of the same color. When the Pous are connected, they disappear and more Pous come down. Each time the player links Pous, the time left will increase. The bigger the connection of Pous, the more time is granted.

Linking together Pous in the shape of a square will make the rest of the Pous of the same color disappear. For example. if you linked together a square of pink Pous, the rest of the pink Pous from the board will disappear. This is a great way to increase your time or to just clear the board up to get some better matches.


Achievement Reward
Score 200 points in Connect 2 50 coins
Score 400 points in Connect 2 100 coins
Score 600 points in Connect 2 150 coins
Score 800 points in Connect 2 200 coins
Score 1000 points in Connect 2 250 coins