Find Pou
Timed? No
Description Where's Pou? Under which cup?

Find Pou is a game in Pou.


Pou and a small poo are put under cups. The cups switch around, and the player must tap on the cup that they think Pou is under. As the game goes on, more poos are put under cups, making it difficult to remember where Pou went.

If the player gets the wrong cup, the game ends.


Achievement Reward
Find Pou 10 times in FInd Pou 50 coins
Find Pou 20 times in Find Pou 100 coins
Find Pou 30 times in Find Pou 150 coins
Find Pou 40 times in FInd Pou 200 coins
Find Pou 50 times in Find Pou 250 coins