Hill Drive
Gameplay of Hill Drive.
Timed? Yes
Description Tap to the right to drive forward, or left to drive backward! Don't fall!

Hill Drive is a game in Pou. Like Cliff Jump and Cliff Dash, this game has a vehicle on the garage and can be played.


To make the car accelerate, the player must tap the right side of the screen. To make the car slow down or break they must tap the left side of the screen. The game ends if the car crashes and Pou falls out.


Achievement Reward
Reach 75 meters in Hill Drive 50 coins
Reach 150 meters in Hill Drive 100 coins
Reach 250 meters in Hill Drive 150 coins
Reach 350 meters in Hill Drive 200 coins
Reach 450 meters in Hill Drive 250 coins


  • This game bears a striking resemblance to the game Hill Climb Racing and its sequel, Hill Climb Racing 2.
  • You can customize the terrain in which you would like to drive on, either grass, snow, or mud.
    • The car can also be upgraded for this game (a lá Hill Climb Racing).