Jet Pou
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Jet Pou's Gameplay
Timed? No
Description Tap the screen to go up! Don't hit anything!

Jet Pou is a game in Pou.


Pou, with a jetpack strapped to its back, is supposed to fly between the logs and the ground. Pou will fall by default unless the player taps the screen, in which it will put on a small burst upwards. If Pou hits a log or drops, the game ends.


Achievement Reward
Score 30 points in Jet Pou 50 coins
Score 60 points in Jet Pou 100 coins
Score 90 points in Jet Pou 150 coins
Score 120 points in Jet Pou 200 coins
Score 150 points in Jet Pou 250 coins


  • This game came out shortly after the release of Flappy Bird.
  • The game is similar to Flappy Bird.