Items inside Potions
Wallpaper first found Unknown
Vital for Pou? Yes
Use To treat Pou with potions
Other notes None

The Lab is one of the many Rooms in Pou's home.

The Lab is most used for restoring Pou's health and restore or decrease other attributes, in the form of medicines, or potions.

This makes it one of the most useful rooms in Pou's house.

What's In There?

  • Shelf - The player can see the type and/or certain amount of potions his/her Pou has.
  • Potion Selector - The player can choose which potion to let his/her Pou consume. Each Potion has its own outcome.
  • Shop - Players can buy Potions or other items here.


  • By default, the Lab's wallpaper is pink, previously it was turquoise when it was merging with the Bathroom.