Poos are multi-colored, small poops Pou gets when it becomes dirty. When touching a Poo (any color), it will disappear and will give 5 coins to the player. Except for them appearing when Pou gets dirty, they make a cameo in the game Find Pou, as the wrong object player presses, but not Pou, and when a cup with a Poo is moved up, the game ends.

The Poos appear randomly after a period of time, normally it comes with dirt on Pou. The Poos' colour is random and does not affect anything. They have two eyes that randomly looks around. When the player taps somewhere that is not the Poo or one of the buttons, the Poos' eyes will look in the direction where the screen is tapped, similar to Pou.


  • It is false that Pou has children. Initially, Poos are just objects in which they are given just after Pou gets dirty.