Vital statistics
Position X: 0, Y: 0, Z: 0
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Pou is a virtual pet app developed by Zakeh and released for Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Released by Zakeh around late August 2012, it soon became viral and was rated 4.3 by the players. Pou


Pou is an alien that is a round edged triangle shape. Pou comes in a tan colored body.

Its appearance may change depending on the player.


Pou has four status bars, the hunger bar, the health or vitality bar, the happiness bar, and the sleep bar. These affect the gameplay.


Pou is fed by dragging the various foods to it's mouth. Certain foods affect Pou's other stats too. On some occasions, especially when fed the same food over and over again, it will refuse to eat the food and make a "no" sound. Pou's hunger increases over time. This will drain the health bar.


Pou gets dirty over time. It also defecates, though it only does so in the bathroom, so the feces (poop) can only be seen when the player goes to the bathroom. Pou can be cleaned by being rubbed with the soap and washed off. Pou can also be cleaned by holding the rain cloud over it instead of over the flowers, though this method is unreliable because it gives only half the coins than when done in the bathroom. The feces can be cleaned by simply tapping on it.


Pou's vitality is drained over time. The rate at it is draining is increased if the food or sleep meter is at 0%.The potions that are used to maintain Pou's health are quite expensive and should be used sparingly.


Pou simulates parenting as the baby and the player as the parent; it is quite realistic. The player can feed Pou, play with it, tuck it in to sleep, give Pou medicine, clean it, talk to it and dress it up.


  • Baby-0%-49%
  • Child-50%-99%
  • Adult-100% 



  • There is an adaption for windows phone called "Mou".
  • You can rub Pou and it will act like it is getting tickled.
  • Pou is apparently genderless.