Pou Popper
Timed? Not timed
Description Shoot Pou to pop all Pous! Be careful not to reach the bottom!

Pou Popper is a game in Pou.


The player aims their Pou of a certain color at a group of Pous. When they launch the Pou, it will stick to the rest of the Pous. If the Pous that it sticks to are the same color as it, the Pous will disappear. For example, if you launched a pink Pou at a group of pink Pous, those Pous would disappear if the Pou touches them.

As the player progresses, more colors are added. If the Pous touch the bottom of the screen, the game ends.


Achievement Reward
Score 500 points in Pou Popper 50 coins
Score 1000 points in Pou Popper 100 coins
Score 1500 points in Pou Popper 150 coins
Score 2500 points in Pou Popper 200 coins
Score 5000 points in Pou Popper 250 coins