Pou Push Notifications are given to the player when Pou is hungry, dirty, sleepy, or sick.

The following is a table of them.


Notification name Name  Notes and represent

Myeaa, I'm hungry!

Give me food![1]

Pou is hungry! Means Pou is hungry. Is awarded when Pou has 30% food. Represented by a pizza.

Hihihi, I'm dirty!

Clean me with soap!

Pou is dirty! Means Pou is dirty. Has no affection with status and is awarded randomly (when Pou gets Poos or not). Represented by a soap.

Hein? I'm awake!

Turn on the light!

Pou is awake! Means Pou woke up after his energy is 100%. Also awarded when the player randomly turns off the light if Pou has 91% energy or more. Represented by a yellow lightbulb.

Yawn, I'm sleepy!

Turn off the light!

Pou is sleepy! Means Pou has 30% energy. Represented by a white lightbulb.

Sniff sniff, I'm sick!

Give me a Health Potion!

Pou is sick! Means Pou is sick, meaning the player has 50% or less, of health. When Pou is sick, he still can do activities, but it is important to give him a Health Potion in the Lab. Represented by a Health Potion.


  1. Formerly Give me some food!. It has changed to say that the player should give a lots of food, even Pou is still hungry, but not just one item (and can still keep Pou hungry), removing "some" from the description.


  • Tapping on any Pou push notification when on the notifications menu, opens Pou.