Sad Tap
IMG 0774
Gameplay of Sad Tap.
Timed? Yes
Description Some Pous are sad! Tap the Sad Pous! Be careful not to tap the Happy Pous!

Sad Tap is a game in Pou.


In this game, there is a grid of Pous on the screen. The objective is to tap sad Pous, which then turns them into happy Pous. Tapping happy Pous decreases time, and when the player is out of time, the game ends. When all Pous are happy, the player immediately passes to the next level.


Sad Pous are those with the mouth curving towards the eyes. Use this fact to make the game easier!


Achievements Coins
Tap on 25 sad Pous in Sad Tap 50 coins
Tap on 50 sad Pous in Sad Tap 100 coins
Tap on 100 sad Pous in Sad Tap 150 coins
Tap on 250 sad Pous in Sad Tap 200 coins
Tap on 400 sad Pous in Sad Tap

250 coins


  • When the player reaches the maximum number of Pous on-screen, he/she can have 5 sad Pous to find instead of only 3.
  • This game has the same music as the Color Match game.
  • When the player wins the purple badge (Tapped 500 sad Pous in Sad Tap), you will be allowed to buy the Black skin for your Pou, costing 1999 coins.
  • This game is similar to My Talking Tom's game Happy Face.
  • The player scores a point upon tapping a sad Pou.