Sky Hop
Gameplay of Sky Hop.
Timed? Yes
Description Tap left to hop left, or right to hop right! Don't fall!

Sky Hop is a game in Pou.


Pou must hop up the platforms before the time runs out. Tap the left side of the screen to hop left and the right side of the screen to hop right. Try to get as high as possible before the time runs out!

Special Items

  • Clocks - When collected they add a small amount of time onto the timer.
  • Coins


Achievement Reward
Reach 100 meters in Sky Jump 50 coins
Reach 200 meters in Sky Jump 100 coins
Reach 300 meters in Sky Jump 150 coins
Reach 400 meters in Sky Jump 200 coins
Reach 500 meters in Sky Jump 250 coins