The Status Bar keeps track of Pou's hunger, health, fun, and energy levels. The percentages are accessible by tapping the meters on top of the screen.


The Food bar is filled when Pou isn't hungry. If Pou starts to get hungry, the meter will empty until the player feeds their Pou.


The Health bar keeps track of Pou's health. If the bar deteriorates, Pou begins to become sick. Giving Pou a health potion replenishes the bar.


The games increase Pou's fun. If the player does not tickle Pou or play any games with it, the bar will empty and Pou will lose his smile. Playing with the ball, doing a game, or just tickling Pou brings the meter back up.


Pou becomes tired after a day of playing games! The player can put it to bed to replenish the bar whenever Pou is tired.